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Technology Moves Us Forward

Technological change is accelerating at an increasing rate; the effective
use of technology can be a significant competitive advantage

Venturetec brings innovative thinking and practices, employing the 3 E’s of Lean Innovation: 
Empathy, Experimentation and Evidence, to helping companies leverage technology, from ideating
initial concepts all the way through to delivery. 

Technology Innovation Services

Resourcing &

Incubation &  Commercialisation

Digital Product Development

Process &

Project Resourcing + Execution

We provide the resources to help companies execute and deliver on technology projects.
We help companies to ideate, plan and execute technology projects, using our unique innovation-led approach to leveraging technology.

  • Project & Program Management
  • Project & Program Capability Improvement
  • Project Acceleration (see Innovation Services)
  • Project Resourcing (see Innovation Services)
  • Project Governance
  • Project Planning & Portfolio Prioritisation
  • Technology Roadmaps

Incubation + Commercialisation

We help incubate and commercialise new technologies, from lab to consumers.
We help with the commercialisation of new technologies, inventions and business ideas, at all stages of the commercialisation process. We also help link inventors with industry and investors to help them fully develop and leverage their IP in the market.

  • Business Structures
  • Funding & Grant Assistance
  • Invention Assessment
  • Opportunity Identification & Analysis
  • Licensing Assistance
  • Patents
  • Spin-Ups, Spin-Outs & Spin-Offs

Digital Product Development

With a laser focus on the customer, we help companies develop new & exciting digital products.
We help companies take digital products from the ideation and concept stage, right through to market launch, initial growth and beyond. We take a customer-driven approach to product development and we teach companies how they can do the same. Need help coming up with new product ideas? We can help with that too. 

How we can help:

  • Agile Transformation
  • Customer Discovery
  • Data Science & Business Analytics
  • Idea Discovery
  • Lean Product Development
  • Customer Experience (CX) & Service Design
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product & Product Portfolio Roadmaps
  • Software Delivery & Digital Transformation
  • Software Testing
  • UI & UX


Effective technological innovation is driven by effective processes. We show companies how.
It is possible to increase the rate of success of technological innovation by following proven processes and methodologies honed from Venturetec's extensive experience in this area as well as our detailed knowledge of leading innovation best-practices.

How we can help:

  • Agile Delivery & Agile Training
  • Business Model Design & Innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Business & Strategy
  • Human-Centred Design (HCD)
  • Lean Enterprise & Lean Startup
  • Rapid Experimentation (Test, Learn, Iterate)

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