Lessons Learned Doing Mergers & Acquisitions

Source: [Lessons Learned Doing Mergers & Acquisitions | Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Enterprise Podcast](http://www.entrepreneurialspiritpodcast.com/2017/02/07/lessons-learned-mergers-acquisitions/)

**By Sam Hysell on February 7, 2017**

Usually we’re focused on helping you create innovation from within, yet M&A’s play an integral role in a well rounded innovation strategy.

In today’s podcast episode we’re excited to switch things up and focus on lessons learned doing mergers & acquisitions.

**Some of the key topics we cover in this episode are:**

* The role M&A has in a company’s innovation practice.
* Acquiring technology vs. human capital.
* Ways to prevent culture clash and a deal from going bad.
* How the 3 E’s (Empathy, Experiments and Evidence) apply to M&A.
* How to run experiments on M&A’s.

Listen here or don’t hesitate to pass it along to someone else in your organization who you think may enjoy it.

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