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Incubating corporate startups

We draw on our combined experience in corporates, startups, consulting and venture capital, to assist corporates to innovate at the speed of startups.

Utilising lean startup methods, we’ve incubated corporate-backed startups developing innovative solutions across fintech, enterprise software, fintech, consumer-tech, e-commerce, and cloud solutions.

Our standard 12 week startup accelerator program includes:

  • Lean Innovation Bootcamp for rapid capability uplift
  • Business model design workshop
  • Fortnightly rapid experimentation sprints to test riskiest assumptions
  • Ongoing lean innovation and rapid experimentation coaching
  • Access to a global network of startup mentors and domain experts
  • Pitch preparation for executive presentation


Capital Raising | Advisory | IPO | M&A

Venturetec has expertise in developing venturing strategies to establish corporate funds within corporates

Leveraging our expertise in corporate innovation, startup incubation and venture capital, we assist enterprises to establish and optimise their own corporate venture capital capabilities.

We advise CVC units on the following:

  • Defining the corporate venturing strategy and key investment themes
  • Designing investment decision frameworks (Incubate, Integrate, Invest, Acquire or Divest)
  • Getting the right people on board for a successful CVC team
  • CVC fund resourcing strategies and performance management frameworks
  • Generating deal flow and building partnerships across the startup and venture capital ecosystems
  • Startup evaluation, selection, and negotiating deal structures and term sheets

We also provide Venture Scouting services; leveraging our strong presence across the Asia Pacific region to identify high potential, strategic startup investments and acquisition targets.

We guide your CVC unit in making the right equity investments to access opportunities with the highest growth in adjacent or new markets and create potential M&A pipelines through early investing.


Venturetec has a strong regional footprint across the Asia-Pacific region and is well positioned to support corporates in identifying startups for investment, partnering and acquisition

Venturetec has deep expertise in the startup ecosystems across the Asia-Pacific region, with growing coverage in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Venturetec has built a portfolio of enterprise tech startups startups across the Asia-Pacific region and has incubated startups developing innovative solutions across fintech, enterprise software, consumer-tech, e-commerce, and cloud solutions.

Through our venture scouting activities, we connect corporates with a highly curated selection of innovative startups; some of our portfolio companies and venture scout targets that have participated in our CIO Shark Tank events across the region.

Startup Identification

We proactively scout innovative and high-potential startups through our direct engagement with the startup ecosystem including startup hubs, co-working spaces, universities, accelerators/incubators, and research labs.

Venturetec’s startup ecosystem domain expertise is in enterprise technology, Fintech, big data & analytics, and digital enablement.

Startup Incubation & Support

Applying lessons learned through our startup accelerator and global experience in enterprise lean startup methods, we can provide ongoing incubation of startups. We can also arrange startup tours and pitch sessions drawing on our experience in successfully hosting startup pitch sessions with Global Fortune 500 companies.

Venture Intelligence

Venturetec can provide ongoing reporting, analysis and insights on the evolution of the startup ecosystems in Asia Pacific.

Corporate Venturing Strategy

Venturetec has expertise in developing corporate venturing strategies and execution plans that include the following key considerations:

  • Defining key investment themes (e.g. Fintech, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
  • Investment strategy (financially & strategically-driven investment stage advice)
  • Portfolio diversification (size/spread of portfolio investments, domain and location diversification)
  • Investment structure options (i.e. fund structure)
  • Investment terms (i.e. embedding financial and strategic terms into investment agreements)
  • Defining an organisation’s competitive advantage as a strategic investor
  • Leveraging innovation challenges and hackathons to generate early-stage deal flow
  • Launching corporate-backed startups; integrating internal innovation and external venturing 
  • Creating strategically-aligned deal flow (balance strategic and financial drivers)
  • Identifying key partners (i.e. R&D labs, startup hubs, accelerators, VC funds, co-investors etc.)
  • Designing an Investment Decision Framework (Incubate, Integrate, Invest, Acquire or Divest)
  • Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund resourcing strategy and performance management frameworks

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