Valuing The Customer: Innovation And Customer Satisfaction

Source: Valuing the Customer: Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

By Aaron Eden on August 18, 2014

Innovation and customer satisfaction are very closely intertwined. The more you can take customers through your value stream from aware to passionate Value Stream Discovery Loop , the more satisfied they’ll be, and the more likely they are to continue being your customer and referring others.

One of the best ways to engineer passion is through fostering customer loyalty

In last week’s Lean Lunch, we got a chance to talk with Brian Andrews, Founder of LoyaltyRocks.

Prior to launching LoyaltyRocks, Brian was a senior executive at Intuit for 11 years, most recently as the Vice President of Customer Experience and Business Excellence. Intuit was the first company to adopt the Net Promoter System (2003) and was featured in The Ultimate Question The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth:Amazon:Books and The Ultimate Question 2.0 . Brian also led the customer experience community at Intuit for more than six years and represented Intuit on Bain’s NPS Loyalty Forum Bain & Company: Net Promoter System - Loyalty Forum Overview . After applying innovative thinking at Intuit, Brian founded LoyaltyRocks Link in 2014 after realizing the customer was the missing link in his consulting.

After being privileged to Brian’s insight and experience, Intuit’s Ben Blank joined as well as a team from Intuit Labs, Team EasyBiz, for a mini-coaching session with Brian and our host Aaron Eden.

Key Learning Points:

  • How to apply lean principles to customer satisfaction
  • How to inspire change in your peers
  • The keys to growth at any organization
  • Hyper-segmenting your customer base for targeted innovation
  • Recognizing the value in delighting your customer
  • The growth trap that most people in large organizations fall into
  • How to efficiently test solutions and be a lean entrepreneur

Interested in getting in touch with Brian? Drop him a tweet Brian Andrews (@loyaltyrocks) | Twitter !