Lean Lunch: Support Will Make Or Break Your Idea W/ Ismail Elshareef

Source: Lean Lunch: Support Will Make or Break Your Idea w/ Ismail Elshareef - MOVES THE NEEDLE

By Aaron Eden on July 28, 2014

We chatted with Ismail Elshareef who is in charge of Edmunds.com’s New Cars, Used Cars, Car Reviews and Pricing | Edmunds Open Platform. Having two decades of experience in engineering, Ismail led Edmunds.com to open their APIs to third party developers. He is a promoter of meaningful innovation, and he’s a frequent speaker on web performance, API, and innovation. With him, we discuss APIs and how to get big ideas through in large organizations.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Why you need to hone the story surrounding your idea
  • Why communicating your idea in ways that others understand is essential
  • What to do once your idea gets verbal approval inside your organization
  • Why implementing a new idea in a large enterprise is often harder than implementing that same idea in a startup
  • Why you need to validate your idea as fast as possible to see if there’s demand for what you’re offering
  • Why feedback is so important for your idea to materialize and to succeed
  • Why your initial partners should be people that understand the value of what you’re offering
  • Why criticism and detractors means that you are doing something right