How Are You Empowering Your Intrapreneurs?

Source: How Are You Empowering Your Intrapreneurs? - MOVES THE NEEDLE

By Aaron Eden on August 8, 2014

Recently, Aaron Eden chatted with Jan Kennedy of The Academy For Corporate Entrepreneurship about how to successfully apply lean startup within a large corporation (delving into Aaron’s experiences at Intuit).

Some highlights include:

When Intuit realized that it had lost its Innovation Mojo and what it did to fix that Why Intuit is now labeled the 30-year old startup How the launch of unstructured time at Intuit helped drive new innovation How a couple key programs proved to be a catalyst for other innovation opportunities Why employees that behave like entrepreneurs are likely to break some company rules Why employees should focus on generating data How Aaron and Bennett Blank launched 100 startup teams in 100 days inside Intuit