Lean Lunch: Why Passion And Prioritizing Matter With Jeff Zias + Live Coaching

By Aaron Eden on August 5, 2014

During last week’s Google Hangout, we chatted with Jeff Zias, who is a Grassroots Innovation Leader at Intuit. He is in charge of driving grassroots innovation company-wide, and is passionate about coaching employees to create game-changing innovation that drives company growth. During his own unstructured time at Intuit, he wrote a book called The Innovation Animals: Nature’s Framework for Disruptive Innovation The Innovation Animals: Nature’s Framework for Innovation and Entrepreneurship:Amazon.co.uk:Kindle Store and ran a successful kickstarter campaign to fund the editing and the artistic work behind the book. We discuss Jeff’s experience coaching other teams at Intuit The Innovation Animals by Jeff Zias —Kickstarter .

For the last half an hour, Jeff, Aaron, and Richard Swanson (mentor at Moves the Needle) provide real life coaching to the Helplo team that interned at Intuit. Currently, they are trying to launch a micro lending platform that gets people access to funding during personal financial crises.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Why building something that nobody wants is a very expensive proposition
  • Why people need to have autonomy, mastery, and purpose to do their most creative work
  • Why passion drives company growth
  • The difference between working in your business and working on your business
  • Why you need to do things that are aligned with your purpose to produce your best work
  • Why big companies need to put themselves in a constrained position when it comes to experimentation
  • Why having conversations with your customers is the best first step